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☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ ~Pyuuuu~

♥~Japanese fashion lovers in Nova scotia~♥
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This Community is for Japanese fashion Lovers in Nova scotia ONLY.
About me~~♥My name is Ponyo_chan♥
♥I do live in Nova scotia but I will not tell where♥
♥I'm making this Community For people that like Japanese fashion that are in Nova scotia♥
♥I have to say I'm Probebly the only one around where i live that is intrested in Japanese fashion and Jrock♥
♥I hope that everyone can become friends and hopfully maybe meet up one day!♥

♥Only people who live in N.S can join
☆posts have to do with,Japanese fashion.
♥Rude comments and posts. Drama goes elsewhere.
☆If you don't think your post has anything to do with japanese fashion,dont post it!
♥With a fake account. Posing as someone else - famous, fictional, or anything that isn't you - will result in the account being banned.
☆Please..NO spamming

☆♥☆♥Feel free to post☆♥☆♥
☆ Any info or articles